Going Out With A Bang!

Do not let that title deceive you or maybe let it. Either way, bang is not a good thing in this case. Where do I start? No worries, I will skip the life drama and get straight to the ds106 drama. Technology has always disliked me, but this week it has come after me with all of its rage. I am sad to admit, but I do think it has won. In a nut shell, none of my UMW login information is working. I was able to get signed in to my blog, but then nothing will upload. Regardless of if it is a url or an image from my computer. Seriously, none of it works. At one point I did throw my hands up in the air and almost give up, but remembered all of the struggles I have worked through and decided I could not let myself do that. I mean at this point, all of the glitches I have run into with this course due to technology is legitimately unbelievable. However, I have kept trying with my fingers and toes crossed. A couple of my friends looked at my work and said, “That looks so easy.” I thought everything I have been doing this semester looked easy to until I started learning and doing it all myself. I learned how to do so many “simple” things that I see everyday, but it took a lot of time and thought to create. If it was not for all of the technical issues, I would have to admit this is by far the most fun (and time consuming) class I have taken. Looking at all the technical issues in a positive light, I suppose I have acquired some more patience and learned that technology will make you miserable if you wait until the last minute to upload anything (even if you had it done a day or two early). Needless to say, this course has taught me a lot about media and improved a few skills (ie patience) that I will need in life. To Professor Polack, thank you for your patience. Due to the example you have set in that department, it is safe to say I hope I acquire that skill as much as you have. Also a big thanks for teaching such a different and cool course and for getting me hooked to those daily creates! I find myself checking them daily! Have a great rest of the summer!

Design Tutorial

Digital Assignment Created

Final Project

How To For Final Project

The How To Part of the Final Project

The three types of media I chose to do were audio, video, and visual/design.

The two posters, which were the horse for sale ad and horse show program, I used Pages to create. Once everything was typed up, I used one of my own pictures in the horse for sale ad and downloaded a horse jumping logo from the internet for the horse show program. For both pictures I simply right clicked on the picture, pressed copy, and then pasted into Pages. I used the surrounding arrows on the picture to change the size. Once everything was to my liking, I took a screen shot by pressing command, shift, 4. By doing this, I created a photo, which I uploaded to flickr and then incorporated it into my story.


The audio was fun! I took a video of myself riding at a horse show and then used the memo maker on my iPhone to record the sound. I then airdropped the audio clip and uploaded it to Audacity where I then cut and erased parts that I did not want. Once that was done, I uploaded to SoundCloud and then used the url to upload the audio clip to my blog.


I uploaded the video to iMovie where I then highlights parts of the video I did not want and then deleted by simply pressing delete after highlighting the unwanted regions. After playing around with deleting certain parts and making sure the video was not choppy, I uploaded to YouTube.


All of this seemed so difficult a few weeks ago, but now that I know how to use various programs, digital storytelling is a lot easier!

Final Project

A young girl, named Riley, grew up in New York City. She was accustomed to the tall buildings, constant sound of horns and people’s voices. However, as a teenager her parents passed away in a car accident and Riley was left all alone. She was devastated and lost beyond comprehension just like any individual would be after such a sudden tragic loss. Questions Riley never thought she would never have to face now raced through her head such as where was she going to live and what was she supposed to do with her life now. Being an only child with no family she was close with, Riley was suffering through this tragedy alone and fearful of being put in foster care. Unfortunately, Riley’s worst nightmare of being a foster child started to become true until one day life finally gave her a break.

Riley had a uncle that she was unaware of. Apparently, her dad and his brother has a disagreement and stopped communicating all together. Her Uncle Jack hear about Riley and decided to take her in under his roof. Riley was so thrilled and nervous and when she saw where she would be living was shocked. There were no more horns, voices, or tall buildings but instead crickets, frogs, rolling hills, and no buildings in sight. It took a while to adjust, but Riley and her Uncle Jack got a long well. Riley also enjoyed seeing all the horses. She spent as much time as possible at the neighboring farm with the horses. After riding lessons for a year Riley wanted her own horse and the search began. It was going to take a special horse to fill Riley’s broken heart so finding the right horse was critical. After a few weeks of looking, an ad caught her eye.


This was this one. The horse she had been looking for. Carolina and Riley instantly clicked and got along beautifully. Riley was at the tack story buying a few things for her new horse when she came across a horse show program.


She had never considered horse showing, but was curious to check it out. I mean after all, what is the worst that could happen? Next thing you know, Riley and Carolina were off to the show! The two arrived at the show and were amazed at all the organized chaos.

Riley stayed focused and got Carolina warmed up to do her jump course.

After a few minuted of walking and trotting around, Carolina took a funny step. Riley figured she just stepped on a rock or something so she kept trotting, but Carolina kept taking funny steps. Riley being confident enough, went up to someone who seemed knowledgeable and asked their opinion. The conclusion was the Carolina was lame and would not be able to compete in the show. Riley was disappointed, but remembered how much she had been through and how far she had come and counted her blessings. Riley was simply grateful to have just been able to make it to the show and looked at it in a way that since she was not showing then maybe she could learn and be even more prepared, after Carolina was sound again, for the next show.

My Own Digital Assignment 2

The thing I like most about these assignments is that it gives you insight on another person even though you have never met them and probably have never seen them. With that being said, I wanted to create an assignment that would allow us to get to know the person on the other side of the computer a little better. The assignment I created is a writing assignment! Check it out below or by clicking here!


Title: That Bucket List Though


Have you ever made a mental list of things you wanted to do or try or jokingly said “That’s going on my bucket list!” Well, now is the time to stop messing around and actually make a bucket list. Write down a list of at least five things that you want to do or try, but do not stop there! Give the world a reason why those things are on your list regardless of how crazy or lame it may be.


Bucket list

1. See the seven wonders of the world.

I mean they don’t call it the seven wonders of the world for nothing! How cool would it be to travel and see such amazing sights.

2. Skydiving

I know a lot of people that have done this, but I am absolutely terrified. I love flying and heights do not bother me, but the whole stomach in the mouth feeling is not my thing. One day I will conquer this fear!

3. Deep Sea Fishing

Oh how I love fishing! However, I am getting bored catching small fish. I want to kick it up a couple notches and catch something massive.

4. Camel Racing

Sounds crazy, but this is an actual thing. I told a friend that is from Austrailia that I wanted to ride a camel and she then told me that there is such a thing as camel racing. After hearing about that, riding a camel got replaced with camel racing on the bucket list because how many people can actually say they raced a camel?

5. Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef

I took a tropical ecology course and instantly became interested in the subject. The Great Barrier Reef is a world phenomenon and I would really like to see it with my own two eyes and learn more about the life that resides there and how it plays a roll in the environment.


Week Four Summary

I really enjoyed this weeks work! I honestly thought video was going to be the most dreaded week. I learned that the emotion evoked from watching something comes from a combination of minuscule details involving camera angles and audio. My favorite part of this week was creating a digital assignment. The most disliked portion was having to make a tutorial. I am terrible at giving directions in general, but then make it involve technology and that is a whole other story. I made it through it though and am pleased with the outcome. I even got ahead of myself this week if you can call it that. I did two daily creates even though we were not required to do any this week. I took note of this at the beginning of week four, but still ended up doing a couple anyways! I believe those things are becoming a habit. Still up in the air about if that is good or bad! Think I will go with good for the time being. Now on to Week 5!

Reading Movies

Look. Listen. Analyze.






Daily Create:




Digital Assignment Creation:




Digital Assignment Tutorial:


My Own Digital Creation

Have you ever wanted to travel, but do not have the time and money? Or maybe you are a world traveler and think you have seen it all. Spend some time and find at least four places to visit that are near you. It is amazing all the things that we miss and take for granted near our own homes. Make a picture collage of the places you would be interested in visiting and then add text to the picture. Between the inspiring pictures and the text so you do not forget the location, you’re bound to discover new things near you!

Places to go


Rocky Balboa-The Final Word Scene Breakdown

For the “Look, Listen, Analyze” part of this week, I chose Rocky Balboa – The Final Word. The reason I chose this movie was because I figured it would be easier and more fun to break down since I enjoyed watching this movie a while ago. The way I picked apart this video clip was first with no audio, second with only audio, and third film and audio together.

This movie in general is filled with intensity. The camera angles are fairly steady in the beginning and end of the clip, but were all over the place in the middle during the “flashbacks.” The camera angles flashed back and forth from up close to far away and lower and higher. Just the rapid change in camera angles gave this scene a feeling of deep restlessness. Then take the audio out and the amount of restlessness and chaos heightens.

If I had not seen this movie and only listened to the audio, there would have been some weird things running through my head trying to figure out what was going on. However, listening to just the audio did confirm that the music in this case is what really made the scene. Without the audio, the scene would have been boring and not evoked any emotion.

Watching this particular scene separately with only audio and only film made me appreciate watching the two work together to evoke the feeling that it did. Without the camera angles, the scene would be boring and seem calm and casual. Without the audio would make the scene to overwhelming for the viewer. However, both combined create a balanced scene that evokes the appropriate amount of intensity.

Movie Scene Breakdown

“How To Read A Movie” by Roger Ebert is an article that explains the various camera angles that appear on screen. Since I knew absolutely nothing about the meaning behind camera angles, I was not one-hundred percent sure what exactly I was reading. Finally, it began to sink in and then it was like a light bulb went off. I never knew how much the angle of a camera could effect the viewers take on the shot or scene. Needless to say, I will never watch another movie the same way without trying to figure out why I am seeing things the way that I am! Personally, I feel as if camera angles can relate to music when it comes to the audience’s perception of what they are viewing. Just like how music can encourage certain emotions, camera angles can give off a particular illusion. Both of these give the creator some control of their audience by potentially influencing their perception.

On top of gaining insight from Ebert’s article, I gained some knowledge from three videos. The three videos I chose to watch were Camera Angles and Techniques, Top 20 Cinematic Techniques, and the Examples of Editing Techniques. These three videos all demonstrated the use of different camera angles. I believe my favorite was the Top 20 Cinematic Techniques because it showed twenty different camera angles. I still cannot believe there are twenty and even more than that! Between “How To Read A Movie” and the three videos, I am not only amazed that that there are so many camera angles and techniques, but that something so little as a different angle can have so much influence on the human mind.

Half A Minute of My Day

I chose to complete the 30 Second Documentary video assignment worth 4.5 stars. This assignment is exactly what the title says. This thirty second documentary is of something I believe I am good at. When trying to come up with something to demonstrate, braiding a horse’s mane was the first thing that came to mind. This is more than likely because I had braided a few manes for clients earlier today.

To complete this assignment, I used my great little brother/cameraman and my iPhone to record. I then directly uploaded the video to my blog via my phone.

Talent Takes Practice

This video assignment, worth 4.5 stars, wanted us to show off a talent or something we are passionate about. I have spent the weekend horse showing and decided to post a video of one of my rides. In my eyes, riding is more of a passion than a talent. The reason I say this is because becoming an effective rider is not something that has come naturally to me. I have worked hard and continue to invest as much time as possible to continue to learn and improve my knowledge and skills.

A friend of mine took this video using my iPhone. I then uploaded the video onto my MacBook Pro and then dragged the video from my documents folder into iMovie. All I did in iMovie was mute the sound. There were a group of girls having a very snobby and ungrateful conversation so I figured I would spare everyone from having to listen to it by taking the sound away. I wanted to add a song, but nothing came to mind that wasn’t overkill or super corny. If an appropriate song comes to mind, I will probably go back and add it since I actually know how to do that now!