Just A Casual New Wedding Tradition

I am still laughing at today’s daily create! It’s not very often I am unsure about what to say, but “Cats Throwing Brides” has left me speechless. My dark side enjoyed creating the picture for this assignment. Especially when it came to searching for pictures on the internet of brides and cats.

It took me a while to figure out the cutting and pasting of the bride into the picture of the cat. I was not even sure where to begin. I turned towards google for help, but the explanations I found made me question if I actually knew English or not. I had absolutely no idea what people were talking about. Fortunately, I got lucky and found a free app on my iPhone called “Cut Me In.” This app is so easy to use that I was slightly angry over the amount of time I spent trying to figure out those complicated tutorials I found. With the “Cut Me In” app, I uploaded the picture of the bride first and used my finger to color her in since that was the part I wanted to keep from the picture. I’m hoping it was from my brain being fried from the confusing tutorials and not because I am blonde, but I will admit it took me a couple minutes to figure out if I was supposed to just shade in the parts around the bride, to erase, or shade the bride in and everything else would go away. Like I mentioned earlier, turns out the bride is what needs to be colored in since that is what needed to be cut out. Once the bride was cut out, I uploaded the picture of the cat, placed the bride where I wanted her, and uploaded my completed picture to Flickr.



A Weed For You

Today’s daily create wants to send some flowers to all the ds106 people. As usual, I was taking a horse out on a walk when I came across this plant. Pretty sure it is more than likely a weed, but I have not been able to correctly identify it. Not only do I think this flower is cool looking, but pretty as well. Thankfully I always have my iPhone with me when I ride in case of an emergency (I ride by myself a lot) and to listen to music. I took this picture and uploaded it to Flickr using my phone. After looking at this picture once it was uploaded, I am amazed at the picture quality! It is incredible how far technology has come! If anyone knows what this is please let me know!


Week 3 Summary

In to week three now and I think I might possibly be getting the hang of all this. Week one and two were rough trying to figure out all of this new technology and having some unfortunate personal issues to deal with, but things are looking up now! With that being said, I feel like I have done a better job at completing this weeks work. I still have things to work on such as staying on top of those pesky daily creates and commenting on other’s blogs. The main problem I had this week was picking a radio story to listen to and reflect upon. They all caught my attention, but I ended up choosing “This American Life’s” episode “How I Got Into College” since I related to it the most. I really enjoyed listening to Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad speak about broadcasting. Glass and Abumrad gave me a lot of insight into their craft that made me respect and admire broadcasting. Off the top of my head, I cannot think of anything I would do differently. Maybe spend more time daily on the assignments and try to organize myself a little better throughout the week. Easier said than done though when your life is a whirlwind of crazy! I put all the blame on all these animals! Even if they do bring me a ton of joy and happiness. I really struggle with finding aspects of my work that would implicate anything related to society or culture. What are some questions I could ask or thoughts I could have to help me open my mind to see if my work has any societal or cultural implications? Overall, week three went a little bit more smoothly. Now to get those two assignment tutorials and ideas completed and submitted!

Ira Glass & Jad Abumrad Storytelling Key Points

Summary of Radio Story

Audio Assignments: Misfortune of a Frog & Ring, Ring

Daily Create:  Daily Walk To The Stang & Jump Course

How’d I get In Anyway?!

I jumped all over the place attempting to pick one of the many show episodes to do this reflection on. I do believe I listened to the first few minutes of all of them simply out of curiosity. However, I ended up sticking with a “This American Life” episode called “How I got Into College“. The reason I chose this episode is because being a college student made me curious to hear other individuals stories and to possibly answer the “How I Got Into College” question for myself.

This episode of “This American Life” is about what college admission officers look for in applicants and how students are admitted. Ira Glass interviews an admissions officer who tells a few entertaining stories about the things students and parents will do in order for an individual to be admitted to college.

Throughout the episode, college students told their story regarding getting into college. I was able to relate to these personal experiences, since I have been through the process. I believe these personal experiences demonstrate the use of anecdotes because there is a sequence of actions being told and used to keep the listener’s attention. The personal aspect of these anecdotes were even more of an attention catcher since I could relate.

Just now being introduced to various audio techniques had its pros and cons. The pro is that it  made it fun to listen and pick up on different tactics that were there to catch my attention. The con is I had difficulty actually nothing the audio techniques. I did notice how the music sounded accomplished and happy when part of the story was positive. Until this week, I never really paid attention to how influential background music can be. Music really affects the listeners emotions. Therefore, background music is subtle enough to  help the broadcaster direct and form the emotions of the listener’s. I also noticed that the use of music in a more boring or bland part stimulated my mind enough to keep listening.

Audio techniques are something I had never heard of until this week. The use of these techniques shape the audience’s emotions in the way that the broadcaster wants and keeps the story interesting. I am looking forward to listening to various broadcasting to see if I can pick up on various audio techniques!

The Craft of Audio Storytelling

This week I listened to Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad give their perspectives on the art of audio storytelling. Ira Glass pointed out that audio storytelling is not just a topic sentence followed by a series of facts, like we learn in high school. Instead, broadcasting has two main building blocks. The first building block is the anecdote or a sequence of actions. The sequence of actions keeps momentum even if it is boring. This can happen because the way the sequence of events proceed allow you to feel like there is a destination. The sequence of actions act like bait to keep the audience curious. Another important part, of the first building block, is that the broadcaster needs to frequently remind the audience why they are listening to the story.

The second building block, according to Glass, is the amount of time is takes to find a good story. Glass points out that is takes longer to find a worthy story than it does to produce the story. The broadcaster needs to feel proud of the material they are producing and understand that it is completely acceptable to admit something is crap and abandon it. The tougher you are, the easier it will be to kill the boring parts of a story or the whole story. I really loved how Glass goes on to point out that failing is not a bad thing. The more you fail allows you to create a situation to get lucky and find that phenomenal story.

Jad Abumrad went about his discussion on broadcasting a little differently than Ira Glass. Instead of talking about the proper route to take to find a good story, Abumrad talks about his appreciation for broadcasting. I thought this approach was great because it provided me different reasons as to why broadcasting should be admired and respected. Abumrad mentioned that the absence of pictures allow the mind to wonder and create its own images. He also pointed out that the radio connects people through broadcaster and listener because the broadcaster allows listener to co-imagine creating a connection.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to both of these men speak about their craft. Obviously, they both were really well spoken and I liked the examples they came up with to demonstrate their points. Glass gave me insight on the toughness it takes to broadcast a good story. Abumrad provided me with different perspectives on broadcasting that have never crossed my mind. Thanks to Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad, I now have more respect and appreciation for broadcasters and their work!

Ring, Ring

I decided to do the Make Your Own Ringtone assignment worth 1.5 stars. For this assignment I used an app called Logic Pro X on a friends computer. Logic Pro X is an expensive, but really cool program that has several sounds already available to mix. Since the assignment asked that I use Audacity, I dragged the various sounds I used over to Audacity and mixed them to make the ringtone below. I faded it at the end so that if used, I would know I was about to miss the call.

Misfortune of a Frog

This audio clip was made to complete the sound effect story audio assignment worth 3.5 stars.

The story is simple, but misfortunate. A pond full of frogs have their lifestyle disrupted by the nearby highway. Some are better at playing frogger than others.

I used Freesound to search the five sounds I use in this audio clip including: cars passing down a highway, frogs, truck horn, truck brakes, and the grand splat at the end. I then downloaded these audio clips onto my computer and used Garageband to mix them together to create this clip!

Sunshine, Sunshine

This is one of the animated GIF assignments I chose to complete for three stars. This assignment required me to select a video of my favorite musician. To be completely honest, I do not have a favorite music artist. I enjoy a broad range of music and what I decide to listen to depends mostly on how my day is going. Therefore, my “favorite” can change daily.

The cloudy skies, frequent thunderstorms, and drop in temperature over the past few days is what inspired me to chose “Sunshine” by Matisyahu to create a GIF. The particular part of the video I use I chose simply because I found it inspiring. Matisyahu is throwing away that extra weight he is carrying around, which in this case is a book bag filled with sand. Then he takes off on a motorcycle into the sunset. Pretty corny, but I think we all need to be reminded to get rid of the junk holding us down and then walk away.

This GIF was created using Gyazo, which I found really easy to use. All I had to do was download the Gyazo program and record the part of the video I wanted. Then the GIF was created, url copied, and uploaded here!