How’d I get In Anyway?!

I jumped all over the place attempting to pick one of the many show episodes to do this reflection on. I do believe I listened to the first few minutes of all of them simply out of curiosity. However, I ended up sticking with a “This American Life” episode called “How I got Into College“. The reason I chose this episode is because being a college student made me curious to hear other individuals stories and to possibly answer the “How I Got Into College” question for myself.

This episode of “This American Life” is about what college admission officers look for in applicants and how students are admitted. Ira Glass interviews an admissions officer who tells a few entertaining stories about the things students and parents will do in order for an individual to be admitted to college.

Throughout the episode, college students told their story regarding getting into college. I was able to relate to these personal experiences, since I have been through the process. I believe these personal experiences demonstrate the use of anecdotes because there is a sequence of actions being told and used to keep the listener’s attention. The personal aspect of these anecdotes were even more of an attention catcher since I could relate.

Just now being introduced to various audio techniques had its pros and cons. The pro is that it  made it fun to listen and pick up on different tactics that were there to catch my attention. The con is I had difficulty actually nothing the audio techniques. I did notice how the music sounded accomplished and happy when part of the story was positive. Until this week, I never really paid attention to how influential background music can be. Music really affects the listeners emotions. Therefore, background music is subtle enough to  help the broadcaster direct and form the emotions of the listener’s. I also noticed that the use of music in a more boring or bland part stimulated my mind enough to keep listening.

Audio techniques are something I had never heard of until this week. The use of these techniques shape the audience’s emotions in the way that the broadcaster wants and keeps the story interesting. I am looking forward to listening to various broadcasting to see if I can pick up on various audio techniques!

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