Movie Scene Breakdown

“How To Read A Movie” by Roger Ebert is an article that explains the various camera angles that appear on screen. Since I knew absolutely nothing about the meaning behind camera angles, I was not one-hundred percent sure what exactly I was reading. Finally, it began to sink in and then it was like a light bulb went off. I never knew how much the angle of a camera could effect the viewers take on the shot or scene. Needless to say, I will never watch another movie the same way without trying to figure out why I am seeing things the way that I am! Personally, I feel as if camera angles can relate to music when it comes to the audience’s perception of what they are viewing. Just like how music can encourage certain emotions, camera angles can give off a particular illusion. Both of these give the creator some control of their audience by potentially influencing their perception.

On top of gaining insight from Ebert’s article, I gained some knowledge from three videos. The three videos I chose to watch were Camera Angles and Techniques, Top 20 Cinematic Techniques, and the Examples of Editing Techniques. These three videos all demonstrated the use of different camera angles. I believe my favorite was the Top 20 Cinematic Techniques because it showed twenty different camera angles. I still cannot believe there are twenty and even more than that! Between “How To Read A Movie” and the three videos, I am not only amazed that that there are so many camera angles and techniques, but that something so little as a different angle can have so much influence on the human mind.

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