Photo Safari

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This photo safari was done at the barn I work (ride horses) at! The reason this location was chosen was because I spend all my time there and therefore it was convenient. However, I thought I could get some pretty cool shots around the barn and while riding. I enjoyed the experience and the photos that worked best for me were the ones I took while riding. The beautiful scenery obviously is a huge plus as well! Since, my creative side is lacking, I was pretty pleased with the fact I even came up with the idea to do this assignment while riding. Therefore, I think the overall idea was inventive. I think due to my overwhelming excitement over the fact that I truly believed I may have come up with a somewhat creative idea for once, caused me to forgot about taking a picture of a clock after the fifteen minutes. Of course, I completed this assignment the one day I wasn’t wearing my watch (I was using my phone). Luckily I remembered, but had to scramble back to barn, jump off horse, turn the clock back, then take a picture! Overall, a great and hilarious experience!









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