Talent Takes Practice

This video assignment, worth 4.5 stars, wanted us to show off a talent or something we are passionate about. I have spent the weekend horse showing and decided to post a video of one of my rides. In my eyes, riding is more of a passion than a talent. The reason I say this is because becoming an effective rider is not something that has come naturally to me. I have worked hard and continue to invest as much time as possible to continue to learn and improve my knowledge and skills.

A friend of mine took this video using my iPhone. I then uploaded the video onto my MacBook Pro and then dragged the video from my documents folder into iMovie. All I did in iMovie was mute the sound. There were a group of girls having a very snobby and ungrateful conversation so I figured I would spare everyone from having to listen to it by taking the sound away. I wanted to add a song, but nothing came to mind that wasn’t overkill or super corny. If an appropriate song comes to mind, I will probably go back and add it since I actually know how to do that now!

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