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Sunshine, Sunshine

This is one of the animated GIF assignments I chose to complete for three stars. This assignment required me to select a video of my favorite musician. To be completely honest, I do not have a favorite music artist. I enjoy a broad range of music and what I decide to listen to depends mostly on how my day is going. Therefore, my “favorite” can change daily.

The cloudy skies, frequent thunderstorms, and drop in temperature over the past few days is what inspired me to chose “Sunshine” by Matisyahu to create a GIF. The particular part of the video I use I chose simply because I found it inspiring. Matisyahu is throwing away that extra weight he is carrying around, which in this case is a book bag filled with sand. Then he takes off on a motorcycle into the sunset. Pretty corny, but I think we all need to be reminded to get rid of the junk holding us down and then walk away.

This GIF was created using Gyazo, which I found really easy to use. All I had to do was download the Gyazo program and record the part of the video I wanted. Then the GIF was created, url copied, and uploaded here!


A Serious Crime Was Committed Today


I randomly decided to be domesticated late last night and made brownies. As of this afternoon, half of the brownies have gone missing. Since my family has been the only people near the brownies, one of them must be the culprit. However, they are all denying going anywhere near the brownies. I like my chocolate so such denial will not go unattended. I used Microsoft Word to create a suspect board with fake names (did not feel like it was appropriate to criminalize my family with such a serious crime) and then took a screenshot to show the world.

Only If Life Worked Like This

If I had it my way, I would travel the world and go wherever I wanted whenever I wanted and stay however long I wanted. With that being said, here is my dream itinerary! Not to sure this would work for to many people, but I was clearly out to please myself when creating this!


Travel Itinerary

Reason: Exploring the World

Destination: Wherever the Wind Takes Me

Trip Start to end: Whenever my heart desires

Departing Flight:

Date: Unknown

Departs: Unknown

Airline: Airplane

Confirmation #: Won’t know ‘til I get there

Departure: Wherever I am when I decide to leave

Flight #: Unknown

Arrives: ASAP


Car Rental:

Locate Taxi Service



Make friends, get the local experience!


Meetings and Events:

The best experiences are more than likely unplanned.


Returning Flight:

Date: Unknown

Departs: Unknown

Airline: Airplane

Confirmation #: Won’t know ‘til I get there

Departure: Wherever I ended up

Flight #: Unknown

Arrives: ASAP to next spontaneously chosen location

If I Was Rich Enough to Own a Sports Team



Oh how nice it would be to have enough money to own a sports team. Actually, you really do not need money to create a sports team if you have people willing to participate! Therefore, I am dreaming big and creating a logo in case I ever have the urge to form my own team. My sports team would consist of anything horse related since after all, that sums up my life. Having the name “Equine Enthusiasts” covers all aspects of the equine world!

My Life As A Horse Addict

Had a lot of fun with this visual assignment! I used Animoto to create this video. It is a great video creator. Unfortunately, in order to get rid of the watermark, you must pay to upgrade. With that being said, I apologize for the distraction. If anyone has any suggestions as to a better program please let me know. The reason I chose horses to tell my life story is because, as cliche as this may sound, horses really are my life. I am sure you can tell that from watching the video. Hope you enjoyed an can see a little more into what my hobby (and job) is like!



I took this picture of these flowers in a field while riding a horse. The contrast and saturation of this color combination really caught my eye. With that being said, this picture represents the color element of design. The white petals allow the pop of yellow to draw attention to the center of the flower. The background of the green grass being solid assures that there are no distractions away from the center of the flower.


This picture is the edge of a sign hanging in my house. The repetition of the pattern creates unity.


An old piano, that I am proud to say my dad refurbished, exemplifies balance. This piano has a consistent design and it symmetrical on both sides.


These three jars are an example of the proportion element of design. All of these jars are similar in shape and design, but differentiate in size.

Photo Safari

IMG_0207IMG_0201 IMG_0202 IMG_0203 IMG_0204 IMG_0205 IMG_0206  IMG_0211 IMG_0212 IMG_0214

This photo safari was done at the barn I work (ride horses) at! The reason this location was chosen was because I spend all my time there and therefore it was convenient. However, I thought I could get some pretty cool shots around the barn and while riding. I enjoyed the experience and the photos that worked best for me were the ones I took while riding. The beautiful scenery obviously is a huge plus as well! Since, my creative side is lacking, I was pretty pleased with the fact I even came up with the idea to do this assignment while riding. Therefore, I think the overall idea was inventive. I think due to my overwhelming excitement over the fact that I truly believed I may have come up with a somewhat creative idea for once, caused me to forgot about taking a picture of a clock after the fifteen minutes. Of course, I completed this assignment the one day I wasn’t wearing my watch (I was using my phone). Luckily I remembered, but had to scramble back to barn, jump off horse, turn the clock back, then take a picture! Overall, a great and hilarious experience!









Love at First Shot



Abandoned as a young girl left to fend for herself from one foster home to the next, she grew up, in all the wrong directions, way to fast. Her bad choices, from lack of guidance, love, and wisdom caused her heart to harden, her character to become bitter and pessimistic, and her mind to disregard any thoughts of dreaming or thinking there was anything more for her out there. Time went on and the struggles continued, but she kept going like a lifeless robot. After all, there was no point in behaving any other way because there was nothing else for her.

However, one day a boy walked into her life and little did she know, but her life was actually going to change. This boy was completely opposite of her. He was opptimisitc and dreamed all day. These differences caused the two to not get along at first, but the boy saw through the girl’s hardened edge. Eventually, he broke through that rough edge and when that happened, the girl for the first time in her life experienced happiness. They explored the world and her mind now flowing with dreams, she expressed them to her found happiness freely and joyfully.