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Rocky Balboa-The Final Word Scene Breakdown

For the “Look, Listen, Analyze” part of this week, I chose Rocky Balboa – The Final Word. The reason I chose this movie was because I figured it would be easier and more fun to break down since I enjoyed watching this movie a while ago. The way I picked apart this video clip was first with no audio, second with only audio, and third film and audio together.

This movie in general is filled with intensity. The camera angles are fairly steady in the beginning and end of the clip, but were all over the place in the middle during the “flashbacks.” The camera angles flashed back and forth from up close to far away and lower and higher. Just the rapid change in camera angles gave this scene a feeling of deep restlessness. Then take the audio out and the amount of restlessness and chaos heightens.

If I had not seen this movie and only listened to the audio, there would have been some weird things running through my head trying to figure out what was going on. However, listening to just the audio did confirm that the music in this case is what really made the scene. Without the audio, the scene would have been boring and not evoked any emotion.

Watching this particular scene separately with only audio and only film made me appreciate watching the two work together to evoke the feeling that it did. Without the camera angles, the scene would be boring and seem calm and casual. Without the audio would make the scene to overwhelming for the viewer. However, both combined create a balanced scene that evokes the appropriate amount of intensity.

Half A Minute of My Day

I chose to complete the 30 Second Documentary video assignment worth 4.5 stars. This assignment is exactly what the title says. This thirty second documentary is of something I believe I am good at. When trying to come up with something to demonstrate, braiding a horse’s mane was the first thing that came to mind. This is more than likely because I had braided a few manes for clients earlier today.

To complete this assignment, I used my great little brother/cameraman and my iPhone to record. I then directly uploaded the video to my blog via my phone.

Talent Takes Practice

This video assignment, worth 4.5 stars, wanted us to show off a talent or something we are passionate about. I have spent the weekend horse showing and decided to post a video of one of my rides. In my eyes, riding is more of a passion than a talent. The reason I say this is because becoming an effective rider is not something that has come naturally to me. I have worked hard and continue to invest as much time as possible to continue to learn and improve my knowledge and skills.

A friend of mine took this video using my iPhone. I then uploaded the video onto my MacBook Pro and then dragged the video from my documents folder into iMovie. All I did in iMovie was mute the sound. There were a group of girls having a very snobby and ungrateful conversation so I figured I would spare everyone from having to listen to it by taking the sound away. I wanted to add a song, but nothing came to mind that wasn’t overkill or super corny. If an appropriate song comes to mind, I will probably go back and add it since I actually know how to do that now!