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Just A Casual New Wedding Tradition

I am still laughing at today’s daily create! It’s not very often I am unsure about what to say, but “Cats Throwing Brides” has left me speechless. My dark side enjoyed creating the picture for this assignment. Especially when it came to searching for pictures on the internet of brides and cats.

It took me a while to figure out the cutting and pasting of the bride into the picture of the cat. I was not even sure where to begin. I turned towards google for help, but the explanations I found made me question if I actually knew English or not. I had absolutely no idea what people were talking about. Fortunately, I got lucky and found a free app on my iPhone called “Cut Me In.” This app is so easy to use that I was slightly angry over the amount of time I spent trying to figure out those complicated tutorials I found. With the “Cut Me In” app, I uploaded the picture of the bride first and used my finger to color her in since that was the part I wanted to keep from the picture. I’m hoping it was from my brain being fried from the confusing tutorials and not because I am blonde, but I will admit it took me a couple minutes to figure out if I was supposed to just shade in the parts around the bride, to erase, or shade the bride in and everything else would go away. Like I mentioned earlier, turns out the bride is what needs to be colored in since that is what needed to be cut out. Once the bride was cut out, I uploaded the picture of the cat, placed the bride where I wanted her, and uploaded my completed picture to Flickr.



A Weed For You

Today’s daily create wants to send some flowers to all the ds106 people. As usual, I was taking a horse out on a walk when I came across this plant. Pretty sure it is more than likely a weed, but I have not been able to correctly identify it. Not only do I think this flower is cool looking, but pretty as well. Thankfully I always have my iPhone with me when I ride in case of an emergency (I ride by myself a lot) and to listen to music. I took this picture and uploaded it to Flickr using my phone. After looking at this picture once it was uploaded, I am amazed at the picture quality! It is incredible how far technology has come! If anyone knows what this is please let me know!


That Mug Shot Though

All I have to say is, after searching for an “old mug shot” my eyes are scarred for life. There are some scary looking people in this world. After downloading this insanely attractive photo, I used an app on my iPhone called “Bubblee.” The words that fill the bubble was the first sarcastic thought that came to mind.