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The How To Part of the Final Project

The three types of media I chose to do were audio, video, and visual/design.

The two posters, which were the horse for sale ad and horse show program, I used Pages to create. Once everything was typed up, I used one of my own pictures in the horse for sale ad and downloaded a horse jumping logo from the internet for the horse show program. For both pictures I simply right clicked on the picture, pressed copy, and then pasted into Pages. I used the surrounding arrows on the picture to change the size. Once everything was to my liking, I took a screen shot by pressing command, shift, 4. By doing this, I created a photo, which I uploaded to flickr and then incorporated it into my story.


The audio was fun! I took a video of myself riding at a horse show and then used the memo maker on my iPhone to record the sound. I then airdropped the audio clip and uploaded it to Audacity where I then cut and erased parts that I did not want. Once that was done, I uploaded to SoundCloud and then used the url to upload the audio clip to my blog.


I uploaded the video to iMovie where I then highlights parts of the video I did not want and then deleted by simply pressing delete after highlighting the unwanted regions. After playing around with deleting certain parts and making sure the video was not choppy, I uploaded to YouTube.


All of this seemed so difficult a few weeks ago, but now that I know how to use various programs, digital storytelling is a lot easier!

Final Project

A young girl, named Riley, grew up in New York City. She was accustomed to the tall buildings, constant sound of horns and people’s voices. However, as a teenager her parents passed away in a car accident and Riley was left all alone. She was devastated and lost beyond comprehension just like any individual would be after such a sudden tragic loss. Questions Riley never thought she would never have to face now raced through her head such as where was she going to live and what was she supposed to do with her life now. Being an only child with no family she was close with, Riley was suffering through this tragedy alone and fearful of being put in foster care. Unfortunately, Riley’s worst nightmare of being a foster child started to become true until one day life finally gave her a break.

Riley had a uncle that she was unaware of. Apparently, her dad and his brother has a disagreement and stopped communicating all together. Her Uncle Jack hear about Riley and decided to take her in under his roof. Riley was so thrilled and nervous and when she saw where she would be living was shocked. There were no more horns, voices, or tall buildings but instead crickets, frogs, rolling hills, and no buildings in sight. It took a while to adjust, but Riley and her Uncle Jack got a long well. Riley also enjoyed seeing all the horses. She spent as much time as possible at the neighboring farm with the horses. After riding lessons for a year Riley wanted her own horse and the search began. It was going to take a special horse to fill Riley’s broken heart so finding the right horse was critical. After a few weeks of looking, an ad caught her eye.


This was this one. The horse she had been looking for. Carolina and Riley instantly clicked and got along beautifully. Riley was at the tack story buying a few things for her new horse when she came across a horse show program.


She had never considered horse showing, but was curious to check it out. I mean after all, what is the worst that could happen? Next thing you know, Riley and Carolina were off to the show! The two arrived at the show and were amazed at all the organized chaos.

Riley stayed focused and got Carolina warmed up to do her jump course.

After a few minuted of walking and trotting around, Carolina took a funny step. Riley figured she just stepped on a rock or something so she kept trotting, but Carolina kept taking funny steps. Riley being confident enough, went up to someone who seemed knowledgeable and asked their opinion. The conclusion was the Carolina was lame and would not be able to compete in the show. Riley was disappointed, but remembered how much she had been through and how far she had come and counted her blessings. Riley was simply grateful to have just been able to make it to the show and looked at it in a way that since she was not showing then maybe she could learn and be even more prepared, after Carolina was sound again, for the next show.