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Going Out With A Bang!

Do not let that title deceive you or maybe let it. Either way, bang is not a good thing in this case. Where do I start? No worries, I will skip the life drama and get straight to the ds106 drama. Technology has always disliked me, but this week it has come after me with all of its rage. I am sad to admit, but I do think it has won. In a nut shell, none of my UMW login information is working. I was able to get signed in to my blog, but then nothing will upload. Regardless of if it is a url or an image from my computer. Seriously, none of it works. At one point I did throw my hands up in the air and almost give up, but remembered all of the struggles I have worked through and decided I could not let myself do that. I mean at this point, all of the glitches I have run into with this course due to technology is legitimately unbelievable. However, I have kept trying with my fingers and toes crossed. A couple of my friends looked at my work and said, “That looks so easy.” I thought everything I have been doing this semester looked easy to until I started learning and doing it all myself. I learned how to do so many “simple” things that I see everyday, but it took a lot of time and thought to create. If it was not for all of the technical issues, I would have to admit this is by far the most fun (and time consuming) class I have taken. Looking at all the technical issues in a positive light, I suppose I have acquired some more patience and learned that technology will make you miserable if you wait until the last minute to upload anything (even if you had it done a day or two early). Needless to say, this course has taught me a lot about media and improved a few skills (ie patience) that I will need in life. To Professor Polack, thank you for your patience. Due to the example you have set in that department, it is safe to say I hope I acquire that skill as much as you have. Also a big thanks for teaching such a different and cool course and for getting me hooked to those daily creates! I find myself checking them daily! Have a great rest of the summer!

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Week Four Summary

I really enjoyed this weeks work! I honestly thought video was going to be the most dreaded week. I learned that the emotion evoked from watching something comes from a combination of minuscule details involving camera angles and audio. My favorite part of this week was creating a digital assignment. The most disliked portion was having to make a tutorial. I am terrible at giving directions in general, but then make it involve technology and that is a whole other story. I made it through it though and am pleased with the outcome. I even got ahead of myself this week if you can call it that. I did two daily creates even though we were not required to do any this week. I took note of this at the beginning of week four, but still ended up doing a couple anyways! I believe those things are becoming a habit. Still up in the air about if that is good or bad! Think I will go with good for the time being. Now on to Week 5!

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Week 3 Summary

In to week three now and I think I might possibly be getting the hang of all this. Week one and two were rough trying to figure out all of this new technology and having some unfortunate personal issues to deal with, but things are looking up now! With that being said, I feel like I have done a better job at completing this weeks work. I still have things to work on such as staying on top of those pesky daily creates and commenting on other’s blogs. The main problem I had this week was picking a radio story to listen to and reflect upon. They all caught my attention, but I ended up choosing “This American Life’s” episode “How I Got Into College” since I related to it the most. I really enjoyed listening to Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad speak about broadcasting. Glass and Abumrad gave me a lot of insight into their craft that made me respect and admire broadcasting. Off the top of my head, I cannot think of anything I would do differently. Maybe spend more time daily on the assignments and try to organize myself a little better throughout the week. Easier said than done though when your life is a whirlwind of crazy! I put all the blame on all these animals! Even if they do bring me a ton of joy and happiness. I really struggle with finding aspects of my work that would implicate anything related to society or culture. What are some questions I could ask or thoughts I could have to help me open my mind to see if my work has any societal or cultural implications? Overall, week three went a little bit more smoothly. Now to get those two assignment tutorials and ideas completed and submitted!

Ira Glass & Jad Abumrad Storytelling Key Points

Summary of Radio Story

Audio Assignments: Misfortune of a Frog & Ring, Ring

Daily Create:  Daily Walk To The Stang & Jump Course