The How To Part of the Final Project

The three types of media I chose to do were audio, video, and visual/design.

The two posters, which were the horse for sale ad and horse show program, I used Pages to create. Once everything was typed up, I used one of my own pictures in the horse for sale ad and downloaded a horse jumping logo from the internet for the horse show program. For both pictures I simply right clicked on the picture, pressed copy, and then pasted into Pages. I used the surrounding arrows on the picture to change the size. Once everything was to my liking, I took a screen shot by pressing command, shift, 4. By doing this, I created a photo, which I uploaded to flickr and then incorporated it into my story.


The audio was fun! I took a video of myself riding at a horse show and then used the memo maker on my iPhone to record the sound. I then airdropped the audio clip and uploaded it to Audacity where I then cut and erased parts that I did not want. Once that was done, I uploaded to SoundCloud and then used the url to upload the audio clip to my blog.


I uploaded the video to iMovie where I then highlights parts of the video I did not want and then deleted by simply pressing delete after highlighting the unwanted regions. After playing around with deleting certain parts and making sure the video was not choppy, I uploaded to YouTube.


All of this seemed so difficult a few weeks ago, but now that I know how to use various programs, digital storytelling is a lot easier!

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