Photography Experience

I do not have a tremendous amount of experience with photography. Over the years, I have developed more of an interest in the hobby and therefore have spent more time playing around with different ideas. With that being said, I take lots of photos, mainly of animals and scenery, but my experience is simply from experimenting. I try to capture the beautiful sights that I am witnessing and portray those visuals accurately. However, sometimes pictures just do not do certain things justice. At least that is what I have always thought. After reading the articles and watching the video (which I really enjoyed) I now have the beginning of a new perspective about photography in general. There is so much more to a photo than I ever could have possibly imagined. The geometry and most importantly, the simplicity is overwhelmingly important. In order for my photos to improve, I need to be more attentive to the simple details and appreciate them. In one of the articles, it was pointed out that the best pictures are taken in the worst or less ideal circumstances. Even though I truly believe this, I need kick up my spontaneity a notch and keep snapping photos even if I deem the situation imperfect.

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