Going Out With A Bang!

Do not let that title deceive you or maybe let it. Either way, bang is not a good thing in this case. Where do I start? No worries, I will skip the life drama and get straight to the ds106 drama. Technology has always disliked me, but this week it has come after me with all of its rage. I am sad to admit, but I do think it has won. In a nut shell, none of my UMW login information is working. I was able to get signed in to my blog, but then nothing will upload. Regardless of if it is a url or an image from my computer. Seriously, none of it works. At one point I did throw my hands up in the air and almost give up, but remembered all of the struggles I have worked through and decided I could not let myself do that. I mean at this point, all of the glitches I have run into with this course due to technology is legitimately unbelievable. However, I have kept trying with my fingers and toes crossed. A couple of my friends looked at my work and said, “That looks so easy.” I thought everything I have been doing this semester looked easy to until I started learning and doing it all myself. I learned how to do so many “simple” things that I see everyday, but it took a lot of time and thought to create. If it was not for all of the technical issues, I would have to admit this is by far the most fun (and time consuming) class I have taken. Looking at all the technical issues in a positive light, I suppose I have acquired some more patience and learned that technology will make you miserable if you wait until the last minute to upload anything (even if you had it done a day or two early). Needless to say, this course has taught me a lot about media and improved a few skills (ie patience) that I will need in life. To Professor Polack, thank you for your patience. Due to the example you have set in that department, it is safe to say I hope I acquire that skill as much as you have. Also a big thanks for teaching such a different and cool course and for getting me hooked to those daily creates! I find myself checking them daily! Have a great rest of the summer!

Design Tutorial

Digital Assignment Created

Final Project

How To For Final Project

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