Week 3 Summary

In to week three now and I think I might possibly be getting the hang of all this. Week one and two were rough trying to figure out all of this new technology and having some unfortunate personal issues to deal with, but things are looking up now! With that being said, I feel like I have done a better job at completing this weeks work. I still have things to work on such as staying on top of those pesky daily creates and commenting on other’s blogs. The main problem I had this week was picking a radio story to listen to and reflect upon. They all caught my attention, but I ended up choosing “This American Life’s” episode “How I Got Into College” since I related to it the most. I really enjoyed listening to Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad speak about broadcasting. Glass and Abumrad gave me a lot of insight into their craft that made me respect and admire broadcasting. Off the top of my head, I cannot think of anything I would do differently. Maybe spend more time daily on the assignments and try to organize myself a little better throughout the week. Easier said than done though when your life is a whirlwind of crazy! I put all the blame on all these animals! Even if they do bring me a ton of joy and happiness. I really struggle with finding aspects of my work that would implicate anything related to society or culture. What are some questions I could ask or thoughts I could have to help me open my mind to see if my work has any societal or cultural implications? Overall, week three went a little bit more smoothly. Now to get those two assignment tutorials and ideas completed and submitted!

Ira Glass & Jad Abumrad Storytelling Key Points

Summary of Radio Story

Audio Assignments: Misfortune of a Frog & Ring, Ring

Daily Create:  Daily Walk To The Stang & Jump Course

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