Week Four Summary

I really enjoyed this weeks work! I honestly thought video was going to be the most dreaded week. I learned that the emotion evoked from watching something comes from a combination of minuscule details involving camera angles and audio. My favorite part of this week was creating a digital assignment. The most disliked portion was having to make a tutorial. I am terrible at giving directions in general, but then make it involve technology and that is a whole other story. I made it through it though and am pleased with the outcome. I even got ahead of myself this week if you can call it that. I did two daily creates even though we were not required to do any this week. I took note of this at the beginning of week four, but still ended up doing a couple anyways! I believe those things are becoming a habit. Still up in the air about if that is good or bad! Think I will go with good for the time being. Now on to Week 5!

Reading Movies

Look. Listen. Analyze.






Daily Create:




Digital Assignment Creation:




Digital Assignment Tutorial:


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